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How to use TECHBID to sell unwanted kit!

TECHBID is Europe's largest specialist online auction service for broadcast & production equipment and is located within the Television Set Village in central London - where testing and viewing also takes place prior to each sale. We hold specialist broadcast auctions about every 4-5 weeks and we have hundreds of buyers from every continent for each sale, many of whom are repeat customers who recognise the quality of the products we agree to list, as well as the efficient and reliable service we provide. As a result, it is recognised that we achieve the best prices for our vendors.

Each auction is marketed to around 30,000 TV production & broadcasting professionals worldwide, both by subscribed direct mail & press advertising. Many are regular buyers from our past sales. As a result, compared with other auctions, Techbid is able to achieve significantly higher prices for our vendors. TV Set administers the auctions on behalf of a variety of vendors - production & post-production houses, hire/finance companies etc. Due to our central London location, most of our vendors are production companies and edit houses that are upgrading or down-sizing: absolute discretion is, however, guaranteed for all our vendors.

All lots sold need to be unencumbered & delivered to our central London premises where they will be available for viewing & testing by interested buyers and held there at the vendor’s own risk.

There is an entry fee of £10+VAT per lot (no reserve specified) or £25+VAT per lot with a fixed reserve bid price specified.

When sold & fully paid, our commission is 10% per lot (minimum £10 per item) less any entry fees.

Any item with a reserve may be sold by Techbid outside of the auction process on the same terms, assuming the stated reserve has been met.

Note that the 'auction process' for each item begins when a request is received for a lot to be included and lasts until 15 working days after the published closing date. Withdrawal of any item at any time during this period will attract a charge of 25% of the current bid price, or £100, whichever is the higher.

Any unsold lots need to be removed within 10 working days of final settlement, unless Techbid have agreed to a re-listing. After this date, unless alternative plans have been agreed by Techbid, any uncollected unsold items will be disposed of without recourse to the vendor, and disposal charges of £20+VAT per item will be levied.

VAT at the prevailing rate will be added to all TECHBID invoices.

We carry out the cataloguing & photographing, as well as making the equipment available for viewing during the period of the sale.

Please first of all email us a list of your equipment on before sending the completed ENTRY FORM so we can advise about the suitability for inclusion.



Remember that if you would prefer an immediate settlement, our sister division Cash4Kit may be prepared to make a “job lot” offer as an alternative to the auction route, depending on the type of equipment involved: email 

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REMINDER! When you registered to bid in Techbid auctions you agreed to the Terms and Conditions published on the website. In particular, you must be aware that when you place a bid on a Lot, you are entering in to a LEGAL CONTRACT to purchase the Lot at that price, plus Buyers Premium of 15% plus VAT on all bids over £100 (otherwise 25%+VAT). If in doubt, please do not bid!