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Terms and Conditions


By accessing or using the Services or the Website or by registering as a user you agree that (1) you have read the Conditions, (2) you understand the Conditions, and (3) you are bound by the Conditions in your use of the Services.  If you do not agree to the Conditions, you may not access or use the Services.  If you do not understand the Conditions, please contact us at

Full details including an address, landline AND mobile telephone numbers plus a valid email address must be provided in order to receive approval for bidding in every Techbid timed sale. Failure to provide all such details or any history of breaching the terms of a previous online equipment sale, will result in your eligibilty to bid being withdrawn and any bids being cancelled without notice. Overseas bidders, or bidders who have not bought items previously in a Techbid timed sale, may at the discretion of Techbid be asked to pay a goodwill deposit before being allowed to bid, returnable following successful participation in the sale process. Any deposit may be forfeited in case of non- or underpayment, or if items won are not removed in line with Techbid's policy.  Where the Conditions have not previously been accepted by a person making an offer for any Lot, the making of an offer shall be deemed to be an acceptance of the Conditions by such person. Persons registering as a business entity represent that they have the authority to bind that entity to the Conditions. 

In the event of a bid being received within 5 minutes of the scheduled lot closing time, the bidding period on that lot will automatically extend by up to a further 5 minutes and for a further 5 minutes for any bid received thereafter. When bidding, do not forget to ‘REFRESH’ your screen to ensure you are aware of current bids. Remember to verify that the reserve has been met before assuming you are winning a lot. Your Highest Bid will be treated as a valid bid even if at the time of placing it the RESERVE is NOT MET. 

Remember that, when placing a bid, YOU ARE BIDDING TO BUY! It is a legally binding contract to purchase, so if you are not sure, do not bid, as your highest bid will be treated as a valid bid even if the reserve is not currently met. The Seller reserves the right to accept the whole or such part of any offer or offers as he may think fit. We are unable to cancel your purchase after the sale closes. Your Bid Manager page will show you the lots that you are currently winning so please be sure to check it regularly.

Due to the nature and process of these timed sales, the online catalogue may be updated regularly until the sale day. Although most lots originate from working environments, all lots are sold as seen, mostly untested and without any warranties whatsoever, either express or implied. They are sold with any faults and errors or mis-statement of description, measurement, weight, quantity, quality, numbered or otherwise (including accuracy of guide photographs and whether of substantial nature or not). The hour readings on machinery in the sale cannot be warrantied & should not be relied upon. However, a period of up to 14 days prior to the sale closing is normally provided for prospective bidders to satisfy themselves about the nature and condition of any items of interest. Viewing is at our London offices and is strictly by appointment by emailing  with a preferred date & time. It is recommended that buyers do not bid unless they or their agent have physically examined lots to their satisfaction prior to doing so as absolutely no refunds can be given for any reason after the saleTechbid sales are only considered suitable for trade buyers as there are no rights of consumer protection.

The purchaser shall be assumed to have inspected the lot he buys, or if purchased without previous inspection, it is understood to be at his own risk and it is advised that in these circumstances the bidder should make an allowance in their maximum bid for any remedial work that may subsequently be found necessary. No oral or written representation made prior to or at the time of sale of any lot shall be deemed to be incorporated in such sale nor to have induced any purchaser to bid therefore the lots are not sold by sample but in any case if a sample shall be displayed it shall be on the understanding that the contract of sale shall contain no implied condition or warranty as to the quality or fitness or otherwise or that the lots are free from any defects rendering them merchantable or are reasonably fit for the purpose for which they were purchased. 

Although no form of warranty is given with any lot, Techbid will use its best endeavours to provide the history of any item if requested, whilst protecting the identity of vendors. Where specific items have been tested, this is stated in the catalogue descriptions & indicates that basic functionality has been confirmed, although no liability can be accepted by Techbid for its accuracy. Alternatively, engineer’s reports, for guidance only, are available upon request at £50+VAT per item. Due to the Data Protection Act, all software and data may be removed from computers and is not part of the sale unless specified, whereby the buyer would need to obtain the appropriate licence from the software providers prior to use. By participating in this sale, registered bidders agree to waiver any rights under the UK Sale of Goods Act 1979 (As Amended) as all lots are available for inspection/testing prior to bidding and are sold as seen.

A Buyers Premium/online commission is charged on the hammer price at the rate of 28% on the first £250, 18% on any remainder. All invoices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Techbid is unable to refund the VAT on the buyers premium in any circumstances, even if for export. Overseas buyers will not be charged VAT if proof of export is provided.

Techbid reserves the right to reject bidders at any time even if previously approved to bid. Techbid aims to notify successful bidders by email within 24hrs of the end of the sale by means of a proforma invoice for immediate settlement. IMPORTANT: We are aware that some email accounts block attachments - e.g. Hotmail, Live and MSN. It is vital that you add our Domain Name ( to your 'Safe Sender' list, otherwise you may not receive your invoice. Purchased lots are the responsibility of the buyer from the moment the lot is shown as sold and Techbid shall be under no liability for subsequent loss or damage, however caused. Note that not all reserves are fixed and vendors may request Techbid to reduce a reserve at any time in order to sell the lot, bid on their behalf or re-enter lots where reserves have not been met. Note that, in some circumstances and ONLY in the situation where reserves have not been met, vendors may occasionally be permitted to remove certain lots from the sale process before the end of the sale. In the event of a third party proving to have a superior title or right to custody or possession of any lot the vendor may rescind the contract of sale and upon return of any deposit and/or purchase price to the purchasers neither the vendor not Techbid shall be under any further liability to the purchaser.Techbid is a trading name of The Television Set Limited.

Note that all approved bidders will automatically have their details placed on our database for notification of future sales undertaken by Techbid. In the event that you wish to have your details excluded,  please email with ‘Please remove’ in the subject line.

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REMINDER! When you registered to bid in Techbid auctions you agreed to the Terms and Conditions published on the website. In particular, you must be aware that when you place a bid on a Lot, you are entering in to a LEGAL CONTRACT to purchase the Lot at that price, plus Buyers Premium/online commission on the hammer price at the rate of 28% on the first £250, 18% on any remainder. . If in doubt, please do not bid!